Spoon soto

It was either soup spoon soups and salads or quiznos sandwiches. The “alternate healthier” choice compared to deep fried yong tao fu or maggie goreng.

Suprised to see “soto ayam” under the chef special, more suprised at the taste. Its definitely awesome sauce. I think its madura style soto, but hmm

*will upload photos when i get into a better 3g location*

The chicken bits are chunky with a nice serving of thick vermicelli. The spices taste complex like how soto would.

The only thing lacking is the chilli padi paste =/

About, 7 bucks, of course the serving of chicken chunks are huge.


Hmmm toasty

Eat fresh vs eat meaty. Thats the difference between eating at subway and quiznos.

Imtruing to blog from the ophone but this shit is whacked. Can’t even see if i made typps or if the autocorrect is screwing my post up lololol

Oh what a noob, i can scroll it down.

Ok so, quiznos is relatively new in SG and most of us still havent had a go at it. Well you should. It tastes better and you have an array of pickled peppers to spice up your sub.

The sauces arent that great, its all premade in industrial size tubs, dispensed like hand soap hahaha

Pricier but its worth a shot. Subway subs taste raw quiznos taste complete.

How i like to savour em is by lathering a nice amount of horseradish sauce then sprinkle crushed bbq lays chips….mmmmmmm

Just have water, they sell pricey soda 😦





Coconut milk never taste bad


Back then in 2004, working with an old friend. Lunchtime, the Nasi Padang stall was super epic fail. How can chicken, fish beef, mutton, beef or fishcakes/fried tofu taste the same?!

The old decent stall in the view of vision is this laksa joint, and wow I wolfed down 2x$3.00 bowls. LLLLEGENDAEERY BOWL OF COCONUT GRAVY.

Some people I brought there didn’t like it but 98% did! Almost 7 years later and it’s still there. The food centre even renovated but oh boy the toilet still stinks 😦

Curry in a hurry

Thursday, 5pm, fasting month. The bunch in office wanted to have curry for dinner. And uh huh, BRINDAS came to mind. Called them, it takes 3hours for delivery. ROFLMAO, so they would only made it to the office by 8pm. *faints*

Friday, decided to call really early, 3.30pm, placed orders, and YET it came 20mins late. But heck, it was worth it. The menu sounds expensive, but the portions are OMFGWTFHUGE.

Happy day that day, dinner coma with curry in ma belly.

Mee(soto) needs help

Excited to get back to Harbor Front, Siah Im Food Centre for the awesome mee soto. The one we all know where. Got served by 3 kids behind the counter with studs and hair with more starch than the yellow mee and lontong combined.

Figured maybe they took on the legacy of a decent mee soto and gadoh gadoh. Nooooooo, it was bland, it was bad, had to go home and fix up maggie mee to wash out the bad taste it left in my mouth.

No, that photo is not how it looks it, its how it should some how look like. Some food don’t look as good as it taste, vice versa, but some… *NODS* it looks as it is. To top it all, the peanut sauce is watered down, and the nuts are CHUNKY! I’d pour skippy chunky if i wanted nuts that size on the gadoh gadoh.

The chicken that mum ate

Craved chicken. Browsed thru the episodes of Masterchef. Found Maggie Beer’s recipe, and uh huh, i cooked it. This is the result.
Feeeeels so good cooking it, tasting it was orgasmic. The first time ever, where I cooked a chicken dish and my mum actually loving it.

The chicken is sooooo tender, the garlic, OMFGWTFORGASMIC, and blanched peas. Fooooooooh.

Basically its slow roasted chicken, and the bird is stuffed with garlic and rosemary. Glaze it with verjuice and viola.
The garlic is blanced, baked, soaked, baked again.

Can’t remember which episode of Masterchef Australia its from tho.

This is the verjuice, and you can get it from Cold Storage in Singapore.

Its like a malay’s shepherd pie!

Late grand dad introduced me to this awesome sauce of a giant bergedil. Doused with spicy tomato-ish based soup, topped with grated cucumber, fried shallots and peas (processed preserved yet awesome mushy peas). The soup is definitely spiced with peppers and asian spices it is pretty mild to me.

First, eat it hot/warm, definitely not cold. Bask the “kentang ball” with the soup and let it soak nicely. This ball of carbs has a meaty centre (it used to be chunkier back when i was 10). Slowly break down the sides, and take each spoonful with the cucumbers, and the (yum)peas.

Always maintain a good ratio of soup to mushed potatoes to prevent ending up with a starchy mess. Trust me, you will want to lap it all up. 🙂

Rating: 8/10 (used to be better, 10 years ago, but maybe my palette ain’t developed back then)

Trust A Fatman’s Taste In Food